Make a Difference – Become a Mom Exclusive Leader in Your Community Today


Are you interested in helping other women and your community? Mom Exclusive is committed to help moms across Canada and the US and we are looking for leaders to join us. If you are interested, we can help you lead and besides an awesome opportunity to support your local community, learn new things, you will also be able to make great friends and gain networking and leadership experience that you can apply to your life and work.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get you started. Here is what you will need to have to become a Mom Exclusive Leader:

  1. A fun and welcoming personality
  2. Be a mother, you don’t need to be an experienced one
  3. A couple of hours per week to connect with your group, coordinate with Mom Exclusive communities support
  4. Basic internet, social media, email and networking ability – we can provide basic training
  5. Interest happy wheels in beauty, health, children and other products

If you have the above, which we think you do, here is the reward for becoming a leader in your community

  1. Make amazing friends and these friendships last a lifetime
  2. Learn from other mothers in your community
  3. Opportunity to support your local community, make a difference and help raise better and stronger children
  4. Through our marketing program, you can earn $$$. Supplement your current income, or better yet – replace it with a better one! Ask us for more details.
  5. Travel to our annual national community leadership meetings and take part in the future of Mom Exclusive
  6. Much more…

So, if you are interested and would like to start a Mom Exclusive group in your community, send an email to right now and we will send you everything you need to get started right away. 


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