Halloween Safety Tips Every Mom Needs to Know


Halloween Safety Tips Every Mom Needs

It is that time of the year where little ghosts, ghouls, Elvis costumes, princesses and other scary and cute characters come to life. Trick and treating breaks every family’s evening routine. Kids and parents, alike, enjoy this once in a year event. But did you know that Halloween causes hundreds of injuries and in some cases loss of life every year? It is important to be safe and look after your little ones. We have compiled a list of important Halloween safety tips every mom needs to know.

1. Plan in Advance

When it comes to planning, always plan at least a week in advance. Why? Well, if you are looking for costumes chances are your child may not be able to find their favorite costume on the day of Halloween. Talk to your child in advance, have the measurements and get the costume before the Halloween.

Also plan the route that you are taking while your child is trick-and-treating. Don’t just randomly roam on the streets. It is a good idea to check the weather in advance and if you live in a less densely populated area, you may want to take the car.

Make sure your child’s costume can be seen in the dark. Remember, it is going to be dark, streets are filled with cars and even good drivers can miss a little child dressed up in black costume. For the safety of your child, make sure they are visible.

Last, but most importantly, every parent knows the importance of their child’s safety when it comes to crowded places. Watch your kids very carefully and don’t let them leave your sight during trick-and-treating. Try to go for trick and treating together, it is fun after all.

2. Dress up Appropriately

While this is a fun event, you also have to be careful about factors that could affect your child’s health. Weather is not very cooperative at this time of the year and if you are lucky, this evening is not going to be snowing or windy. Make sure your child has enough layers under their costume that he or she feels warm and at the same time can move around easily. Sleeves, neck-warmers and hats may be necessary depending on weather.

3. Check the Candies

Kids cannot wait to eat the candy they collect after trick-and-treating. Tell your child that they are not supposed to touch the candies until you arrive home. Make sure to bring a plastic bag from home with you. Occasionally, empty their candy bag (or bucket) into your plastic bag so you are in control of the collected candies.

When at home, place the candies on a surface in a well-lit area and check each one. If a sealed package appears punctured or tampered with, throw it away. Also remember that everything in your child’s candy bag is considered junk-food, so eliminate as much of it from their diet as you can.

4. Have Safe Fun

It is important to have fun. Remember people will knock on your door for trick and treats. As usual check before you open your door. While the odds are low, criminals can take advantage of this evening, so be careful.

Other than that, have fun, enjoy this great event with your kids and don’t forget to decorate your home as spooky as possible! 

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