Mom Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Mom Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

OK, it is that special time of the year when you have to express how much the mother in your family is loved. It is also a good time to introduce your children to this beautiful tradition of celebrating love and friendship.

Here are some of our picks for gifts that you can give away to your loved ones this Feb 14th:

5. Valentine’s Day Shopping Gift Certificate

The easiest and most hassle free option for moms to celebrate the Valentine’s Day includes a shopping certificate from their favorite brand or outlet. Make sure you know in advance what their preferences are and then select a shopping gift certificate with a value that shows your appreciation of this special woman’s love for you. Not all gift cards are created equal. Remember that some of them have expiry dates and some come with fine print that will not give you the best bang for your dollar.

4. New Mobile Device for Mom

Mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are all the rave these days. Like everyone else new and seasoned moms alike appreciate technology in their life that helps them communicate better and deal with their routine problems. Select a reputable and fashionable brand, but also pay attention to the user experience aspect of the device. Mothers have very little time to get familiar with new technologies and typically shy away from geeky products.

3. Spa Package

Is there a woman on happy wheels this world who doesn’t like to be pampered and treated well in a nice spa? Well, you can never go wrong with a spa package. Take our word for it. The special woman in your life will certainly appreciate this gesture of love and kindness. Select a decent spa and call them in advance to learn about their package deals. Some spas have specials for Valentine’s Day. You may also want to learn about their couple’s spa packages if you plan to join the woman in your life.

2. Flowers and Valentine’s Day Card

Flowers represent happiness and love and a Valentine’s day card will express your feelings in your own written words. You know the mom in your life better than anyone and you have a wide range of choices with regards to the colors and types of flowers and the card.

1. Chocolate and Jewelery

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Women in particular have a special appreciation for chocolate. Complemented with a nice jewelery piece, you make the mom in your life a very happy woman on this special day. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a good quality bracelet. While gold and silver has always been favorites, explore ceramic, stainless steel and other types of jewelery which are much more affordable and presentable.


What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for mom in your life? Take a moment and send us your thoughts. 

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