Some Tips for Surprising Your Guests


Most people who invite guests to their home want their guests to enjoy themselves, They would like to be remembered as a good host and they would like their guests to look forward to returning. However, actually being remembered in a positive way and being sure that each guest has a good time is hard work that cannot always be accomplished. After all, virtually everyone knows at least one person who never seems to be happy about anything and can always find at least one or two things to complain about, regardless of where they are. The trick may be to find that person and see what makes them happy, so that nobody else is inconvenienced because of a grumpy guest.

What Makes a Good Host or Hostess?

A good host or hostess is thoughtful to the needs of each guest and attempts to introduce people who have similar interests. Unless it is a very informal setting, the discussion of religion, politics and intimacy should rarely be discussed, so if someone does bring up one of those less than ideal topics, a good hostess should be able to quickly divert the conversation elsewhere.

You will typically know the people who are in your home, so you should be aware of their dietary needs and preferences. Whether is a gluten-free or sugar free diet, or someone who won’t eat meat or anything that comes from an animal, you should do your best to have something for them to eat that will meet their needs. It is often suggested that in order to eliminate the possibility of embarrassing someone, that the special item be made in larger amounts so that one person isn’t the only person eating a specific type of food.

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