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The new user interface, known as Metro is sleek and based on the concept of tiles and blocks that was introduced by Microsoft in Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft launched their Windows 8 operating system that will replace the Windows 7. It is a drastically different platform compared to what we have been used to in the past. Let’s have a quick look at what it is and what it means for moms and how it helps us live better (or worse, depending on the number of annoying bugs and error dialogs we get).

After a quick look at the new user interface (aka Metro UI) of this platform, one can easily understand the concept behind it. Microsoft is concerned about the fact that people are getting tired of its legacy UI on the Windows 7 and its predecessor, Windows Vista which was a total disaster. I can see that people are shifting their attitudes from accepting the non-intuitive user interface and training themselves for adaptation with that to expecting easy to use gadgets, devices and now computers.

Another thing that Microsoft has attempted to do, and apparently done well, is that they would like to have the same unified user interface across desktops, laptops, Surface (their version of tablet) and mobile phones. The block-style UI replaces the old Start button style user experience and is apparently easier to use once you get the hang of it. They have also tried to enhance the usability of their Surface tablets by offering an optional keyboard and probably with the intention to push users away from laptops and more towards tablets, which will be lighter to carry and used more often. Other changes include the fact that Microsoft has started building their own hardware and competing with the companies that preload their software on

Some manufacturers have already started selling laptops that cross-over between a laptop and a tablet, thanks to Windows 8 which allows this flexibility.

their systems such as happy wheels HP, Lenovo, Dell and that they have launched a Windows store. Windows Store  is similar to App Store, for those that use Appleproducts, which allows user to buy applications directly from Microsoft.

Moms may find the tablet factor easier. They may also be interested in using this platform as they will be able to move their pictures and content from their desktops to laptops, to tablets and to mobile devices or vice versa. It remains to be known whether Microsoft will offer a cloud based service such as Apple’s iCloud. Besides compatibility, ease of use may be another factor for moms that love to be connected. How often do you take a picture of your child with your latest smart phone? Most likely very often, if the camera function or app is easy to find and use, that is why Apple added a camera button on the lock screen of their iPhones, iPods and iPads in the latest release of their software.Like anyone else, moms also would like to have advanced and easy to use functionality available to them on their tech gadgets. Social media is also a core part of today’s connected devices and Microsoft has attempted to embed Facebook, Twitter and other applications in their devices. Almost everyone with a Windows based computer system will have to upgrade to Windows 8 at one point, but it will be interesting to learn how many people actually adopt the system on their PCs. If you are in the market for buying a new comput

er that will run on Microsoft software, you are guaranteed to get Windows 8. Let’s hope it will be stable and bug free and that it will also create some price disruption in the heavily populated yet less competitive tech gadget and computer markets.What are your thoughts? Do you think Microsoft has made the right move by changing the fundamental user experience in Windows platform? Are you using Windows 8 and would you like to share your experience about it with other moms on our site? We love to hear your comments. 


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