Do You Know Enough About Makeup?


Makeup can seem to have almost magical abilities. It can make older women look younger, younger women look older and can cover a variety of scars or facial imperfections. You can buy it for almost nothing at the grocery and drug store or you can spend thousands of dollars on a full kit of professional, designer makeup. The one thing it cannot do, is make permanent changes to your skin…or can it?

When your mother or grandmother was a young woman, there were fewer choices about makeup and some of the lipsticks actually had ingredients that, over time, could actually reduce the amount of color in your lips. This guaranteed that the makeup companies would continue to have customers, but was not always a great idea for the budget-conscious woman. Over time, those ingredients were eliminated and it is now much safer.
Makeup is a big business and as such, it is common for there to be claims about one product made by a competing company. When choosing the makeup that you are going to use, it is first going to be necessary to understand how makeup can be tested and produced, what type of makeup you need and what your skin tone is. Once you have that information, it is easy to choose the best makeup for your needs.

Cruelty-free Makeup
 Yes, that is right. It’s not just your food or shampoo that you need to worry about, it is also the products you put on your face. PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has a complete listing of bathing, cleaning, hygiene, cosmetic and other products that do and do not test on animals. In this day and age, there is just no reason for anyone to have to buy products from companies that use animal products to make their items or test on animals.

You have the opportunity to decide what you want to spend your money on and it is absolutely your right to know who is kind to animals and who is not. To access a current listing, their website can be found here: products from companies that use animal products to make their items or test on animals.
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