Are You and Your Child Ready for Potty Training?


Two or three generations ago, many kids were potty-trained at about 18 months and were almost always out of diapers by two. Now, most kids are still learning about it at the age of+ three and some healthy four year olds still wear diapers. There are many different thoughts about potty training, but one thing is known for sure and that is that if your child is not emotionally and physically ready to use the toilet, no amount of potty training will work.

So What’s Changed in the Past 50 Years?

There have been changes in the way that babies and toddlers were taken care of in the last 50 years, but two of the most significant are disposable training and training pants, as well as daycare. Although daycare often has a positive impact on children, encouraging both socialization and learning, it also provides something of a “group mentality”. By that, it is meant that if all the other kids in a room are wearing diapers, there is no pressure to stop using them.

In addition, most daycares require disposable diapers and training pants. Many physicians believe that when a child does not happy wheels feel the mess, they are not encouraged to stop wearing diapers, whereas cloth diapers did not lock the mess away. Therefore, children were much more eager to quit wearing them. In some cases, it was not really a child who was potty-trained at 18 months, it was the mother, who took them to the bathroom every hour or so and prevented accidents.

You can, however, encourage your child to become familiar with a child-size toilet and you can ask them if they need to use it. In general, when your child is able to feel when they need to use the bathroom or begins to change locations before having a bowel movement, they may be ready for potty training. If it does not work, you can always take a break and come back to it later. There is not one way that works for all kids and a first child could be potty trained at a different time than another child might be. When they are ready, it will be fast and easy, but pressuring them before they are ready will be unsuccessful and difficult for both of you. 

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